About us

Meet the fam!

We are Tim & Ilse. 
Together with our fluffy cat Snowy we travel 
around the world. By plane, boat and currently by van!
We like to give you a glimpse into our travels 
and share some tips & hacks while we’re at it

So enjoy!

I am Ilse. 31, from the 

I love the outdoors, 
but prefer the warmer destinations. 
My passion? The ocean & animals. 
Freediving and snorkeling, just watching 
the magnificent underwater world. 
You can find me there all day long. 
Not on a beach towel, but underwater! 


I love every second we spend together and all the adventures 

we still have ahead of us.

I am Tim. 39, from the Netherlands

I am an outdoor enthusiast & a real mountain lover. The outdoors is where I feel most alive. it’s in my blood. 

The cold doesn’t really bother me, but I also love tropical destinations. Anything with a bit of adventure that gets my blood flowing!

The way we are living right now, in our van.. 

for me is the best thing ever.




Meet Snowy – Aka 

She makes our home on wheels complete!
We got her as a little baby fluff. Easily scared and still needs her time to get used to things.
Since we’ve been on the road fulltime, she’s grown so much! She loves exploring and gets more sassy everyday!

she loves her little mousie toy and takes her everywhere