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8 amazing places in the Philippines

amazing places in the Philippines
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The Philippines

With 7641 islands, the Philippines is one huge tropical paradise. White sandy beaches, beautiful palm trees and the most turquoise water you’ve ever seen. Oh and let’s not forget the incredible underwater world!

Three island groups

The Philippines can be divided into three main regions on the map: Luzon (Northern Island group including Manilla), The Visayas (Central island group including Palawan and Cebu) and Mindanao (Southern island group).
The central islands are the most visited like Palawan, Cebu, Siargao and Bohol.

When to go

The best time to visit the Philippines in general is from December to April, with March and April being the hottest months in the high season.
Because of the tropical weather, the islands of the Philippines get their fair share of typhoons. The typhoon season is from July to October, so these are not the best months to travel to the Philippines.
Are you planning a trip to the Philippines? Read this guide, because we will tell you all about the most amazing places in the Philippines. 



1. Magpupungko rock pools, Siargao

The Magpupungko rock pools are just one of the many stunning features of Siargao Island in the Philippines. Blue clear rock pools open up when the tide goes down and It’s not a surprise that this is one of the Islands most popular things to do!

What to do at Magpupungko

As soon as the tide is low enough to enter the rock pools safely, it’s time to have fun! Do some cliff jumping, hang out on the edge of this natural infinity pool or go snorkeling. Oh and make sure to throw that drone in the air.

When to go

The rock pools are only visible at low tide and a little bit of time makes a huge difference here. So before you hop on your motorcycle to visit these pools, check this tide schedule.
Also try to avoid going on the weekend, because it usually gets really crowded.

Things to know

The rock pools have a sandy ocean bottom, but to get in you’ll have to climb up via a trail or walk over the sharp ‘rocky’ surface through the water to the pools. Because of this you need to bring water shoes. 
Also, bring a drybag or lock things up in your motorcycle when you are going for a dip. The tide pools are not that close to the beach, so keeping an eye on your stuff is not easy.

How to get there

From General Luna it’s about an hour to the Magpupungko rock pools by motorcycle, which you can rent at multiple shops around General Luna.
Blog Philippines Magpupungko rock pools
Philippines Siargao Magpupungko rock pools
Philippines Magpupungko


2. Kawasan falls, Cebu

Kawasan Falls is probably the most gorgeous blue waterfall of the Philippines! With water so blue, that it has the nickname ‘Gatorade Falls’. Yes, we know this one needs to be on your bucketlist asap.

What to do at Kawasan Falls

You can go to Kawasan Falls for a chill day out or for some activities. Explore the 3 levels of falls via the trail and jump in each pool you want. For a bit more thrill you can do a Canyoning tour, which will let you climb, jump and slide through these gatorade blue falls!

When to go 

The best time to see the waterfall(s) of Kawasan in its full glory is during rainy season (June to December). You just have to check the weather forecasts for the best time to go. 
From late December to Early June is dry season in the Philippines, which is better for activities like canyoning at Kawasan Falls.


Things to know 

Just like anywhere beautiful it can get really crowded at Kawasan Falls, so go as early as you can. You can park your motorcycle at the entrance with all the other motorcycles for a small fee of around (€1). From here you do have to walk a fair bit to get to the falls, so you might want to wear shoes

Multiple falls 

There’s actually 3 levels of falls and pools at Kawasan. The most iconic being the first. but in our opinion the most beautiful and relaxing part is the second. Just take all your ‘Instagram’ shots early and then go and explore all the pools and enjoy the day. 

How to get there 

Kawasan Falls is located in Badian, a town on the Island of Cebu. You can rent a motorcycle to get there from Moalboal (21 km) or by private car, taxi or as part of a tour from Cebu city or Mactan-Cebu airport  (120 km). 
Philippines Cebu Kawasan falls
Amazing places in the Philippines Kawasan falls


3. Moalboal, Cebu

This surprisingly beautiful place has hidden gems all around and is perfect for ocean wildlife lovers. Moalboal is a small town on Cebu Island and is popular for its underwater world. Step into the ocean at Panagsama beach and you’ll find yourself swimming through thousands of sardines! 

What to do in Moalboal

Moalboal is a small town, where most activity is focused on the water. You are probably heading to Moalboal because you heard about the Sardine run. 
Moalboal also has a lot of beautiful sea turtles swimming around, right off the shore! With some amazing reef drop offs that will blow your mind.

When to go

With the dry season being from December to June, this is the best time to visit Moalboal. But, we had great weather and visibility in October as well. A great thing is that the Sardines are there 365 days a year, 7 days a week so you don’t have to plan around them!

Things to know

Moalboal is a great town to stay for a few days, while exploring the area. Make sure to rent a motorcycle or scooter and drive to Kawasan Falls in the nearby town of Badian (21 km).
If you are planning on swimming with the sardines, bring a pair of flippers because of strong currents every now and then. You can rent them at one of the shops along the beach.

Allba’s/Teoba’s Homestay

The coastline in Moalboal is full of wildlife, but there’s one place that blew us away. It’s the stretch of water right in front of Allba’s/Teobas Homestay (it goes by 2 names). Take your flippers and goggles and walk about 100 m. through the shallow water towards the deep. And there it suddenly is.. a huge drop off with a magnificent coral wall. 
And the best part? A lot of sea turtles!

How to get there 

Moalboal is located bout 4 hours from Cebu City by bus or taxi. You can also get there in 2 hours from Oslob. 
8 amazing places in the Philippines Moalboal
Moalboal Philippines
Blog Philippines Moalboal


4. Siquijor 

Also called ‘Mystic Island’, Siquijor is the most spiritual island of the Philippines. This island is still quite underrated and people often pick the more popular destinations like Siargao, Palawan or Boracay. Which are all incredible, but Siquijor can offer you the white beaches, good food and spiritual extra’s with waaaaay less people.

What to do on Siquijor

Siquijor has a lot to offer its guests, like beautiful beaches and stunning waterfalls. Some of the main attractions on the island are the Cambugahay Falls, Tubod beach for sunsets or the Salagdoong cliff jump. But, the most special part about Siquijor is probably its spirituality and healers.

Siquijor healers

The island is home to many mystical healers, which live all over the island. Ask the locals to point you to a local healer and you can experience different forms of healing for yourself. We tried a healer that used ‘Bulo Bulo’ (healing through magic) on us and it was a real experience. Something you shouldn’t miss while you’re on the island.


When to go 

The best time to visit Siquijor is between November and May. It’s possible to visit the island all year round, but keep in mind that in the wettest months between July and September the typhoons occur the most. 

Things to know

Siquijor is a small island where you can find real tranquility and is mostly good for just a few days of visiting. Also, the island is very cheap next to the other Philippine Islands. 

How to get there 

The number one option and the easiest way to get there is to fly from Cebu Mactan airport directly to Siquijor, but this is also the most expensive route. 
Another option is to take a few busses from Cebu Mactan airport down to the south of Cebu island and then take a ferry to Siquijor. Other options are via Dumaguete or Bohol by ferry. 
Philippines Cambugayah falls


5. Casaroro falls, Dumaguete


These magical falls will hopefully surprise you as much as it did us. After a beautiful trail through this jungle gorge, there it was just around the corner.. Casaroro Falls. This 30 m. high waterfall lands in a beautiful blue-green pool, surrounded by a lush 360 degrees jungle wall.

What to do at Casaroro Falls

Casaroro falls is unique and beautiful because of its surroundings. You can hang out on one of the many rocks in the gorge, while watching this incredible waterfall. At the time we were there, it wasn’t inviting to swim because of the strength of the waterfall. So keep that in mind!

When to go 

The best time to visit the Casaroro Falls is between October and May. You can go all year round, but keep in mind that rainfall can make this trail more dangerous.

Things to know

At the entrance you park your motorcycle or car, pay your fee (€0,25) and you start to descend the 300 steps down to the river. They might try to assign you a paid guide at the entrance, but just kindly decline if you are in normal shape and condition. 
It’s a fairly tough trail, but in normal weather conditions it should be easy to find your way. In doubt, always hire a guide! 
Sidenote: Bring sturdy non slippery shoes, because of the many water crossings and rocks.

How to get there

From the city of Dumaguete it’s about a 30 minute ride by Motorcycle, which you can rent for €8 anywhere around Dumaguete.
Blog Philippines Casororo falls_



6. Island hopping, El Nido

About 45 islands are spread over the waters off the coast of El Nido, called the Bacuit Archipelago. This world famous piece of nature should definitely be on your list! The best thing you can do here is island hopping, so let us tell you about it.


Island hopping tours

One of the best tour companies in El Nido is definitely APE TOURSNot only are their tours beautiful and epic, but they are also super fun with good vibes all over! This definitely makes them unique.
The tours around El Nido range from van A to D and they each have their own unique features. Tour A and C have some must-see spots in them, while B and D are less busy and feature caves or quiet beaches. Combining some tours is also an option with most companies.

When to go

The best time to visit El nido and go on the island tours is November to May. March and May are the hottest months in this period.

How to get there

The cheapest way is to take a plane from Manila to Puerto Princesa (town on Palawan) and then take a bus to El Nido. There’s multiple options to fly from, like from Cebu to Puerto Princesa or straight to El Nido.
                   Read everything you need to know about Island hopping in El Nido Here!
Amazing places in the Philippines El Nido
Blog Philippines el Nido
8 amazing places in the Philippines El Nido Tour


7. palm forest, Siargao

Siargao is a special island and should definitely on you island hopping list for the Philippines. The island is perfect for exploring by motorcycle and has some stunning hidden gems laying around! One of those gems is the huge ‘Palm tree forest’ on the Northwest side of the island.

What to do at the palm forest

When driving around Siargao you will spot this palm forest first from higher up. The forest lies along the main road that goes in a loop around the island. From above it looks like an ocean of palm trees, but inside you’re totally emerged. 
Take some shots on the popular palm lined road or bring some food and go for a forest picknick.

When to go

For visiting the Palm tree forest or one of the other magnificent spots on the island like waterfalls and lagoons, go between April and May or September and November. 

Things to know

Siargao and some other islands in the Philippines were hit a devastating typhoon in December 2021. The island is still recovering and so is the palm tree forest. It’s still very beautiful tho!

How to get there

The main way to get to Siargao is by plane from either Manilla or Cebu, depending from where you are in the Philippines. You can also get there in a cheaper way by taking the RoRo ferries (Roll-on, Roll-off).
Amazing places in the Philippines Siargao Palm forest
Blog Philippines palm forest


8. Club Tara Resort, Bucas Grande

Southwest of the island of Siargao you’ll find a beautiful island group called Bucas Grande. This green oasis boasts amazing hidden gems, blue pools, lagoons and waterfront hotels.
One of those waterfront hotels is ‘The Club Tara Island Resort’. Tucked away in a beautiful cove surrounded by greenery, this is the perfect getaway place.

What to do at Club Tara 

Club Tara Resort has 10 beautiful waterfront bungalows with amazing views over a blue lagoon. The resort has a small main area in the middle where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner if you want.

Water activities

You’ll definitely want to spend your time in and around the beautiful waters here, so during your stay they offer multiple watersport attributes for free, like paddle boards and canoes. There’s even a secret beach just a few hundred meters away, where you can spend the day!
The staff of Club Tara also offers boat rides to multiple surrounding coves, like the popular jellyfish sanctuary. 


When to go

The best time to visit Club Tara Resort or places around the island of Bucas Grande is from March through October. 

How to get there

There’s a few options to get to Socorro, where The Club Tara Resort is located. You can either fly from Manilla to Surigao City (Mindanao) and take a boat from there, or you can go from Siargao by boat. 
We recommend going from Siargao, because it’s a beautiful boat ride and an amazing island to explore as well! 
Philippines Bucas Grande Club Tara Resort
8 amazing places in the Philippines

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